When is Black Friday 2017 in Canada?

So, What day is Black Friday this year?

The question on everyone’s minds with the start of Fall around the corner is WHEN IS BLACK FRIDAY??? Well, well it’s on the 24th of November, the last Friday of the month. With the American Thanksgiving falling on the 23rd, Black Friday officially starts the next day. But watch out: many retailers are starting earlier and earlier every year, so keep your eyes open!

Black Friday 2017November 24, 201747
Black Friday 2018November 23, 201847
Black Friday 2019November 29, 201948
Black Friday 2020November 27, 202048

What is Black Friday?

Every year, the Friday following the USA’s Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday.”  It marks the onset of the winter Shopping Season. All the stores offer huge discounts on almost everything, attracting lots of shoppers from all around the world.

This Black Friday frenzy has quickly become international and spread to other countries like the UK, Mexico, Norway, South Africa, Hungary, France, and more because of the unmatched deals on the latest must-have products.

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Why is it called Black Friday?

The term ‘Black Friday’ first originated in the 1960’s in Philadelphia when cops, frustrated with the huge traffic jams due to bustling customers, coined the term.

During this time, black ink also symbolized profits, or in other terms, the moment when retailers went “black” during the very busy shopping season. So, there you have it: “Black Friday” was born. Although this day it is not a public holiday, due to its proximity to Thanksgiving Day in the States, a large majority of the population takes the day off, adding to the amount of people rushing out to stores and lining up as early as 5AM to get the first grabs.


Black Friday craze

Ok, Ok, 5AM might seem a bit too early for some. What was the peak time last year? Well, thanks to our friends at Google, here are some stats on store traffic. We can see the majority are heading out to stores far later in the day. Coincidently, most stores’ online traffic starts early in the morning. It seems that shoppers are enjoying the benefits of shopping in bed!

Black Friday shopping peaks


Black Friday’s countdown has officially started. Brace yourselves…Black Friday is coming. Checkout Shopbot’s pre-black Friday deals section where we update new deals everyday!