Shopbot unveils 2015’s major Black Friday trends

Shopbot unveils 2015’s major Black Friday trends
10 Nov 2015 Lia

Shopbot, the leading online price comparison platform, unveils the major Canadian shopping behaviour trends of this Black Friday. In efforts to understand Canadians during this shopping frenzy, Shopbot published a 2015 report to allow Canadian shoppers and news outlets a deeper understanding of the Canadian e-commerce landscape.

There is a lack of information in the media when it comes to Canadian consumer trends during Black Friday as opposed to American trends. For more than 10 years, Shopbot has been analysing Canadian shopping behaviour from location to age to gender and interest.

Study Highlights

  • Canadians are restraining on overspending this Black Friday. Yet, enthusiasm is skyrocketing 4 weeks earlier than in 2014
  • Black Friday shoppers are spending more time researching beforehand to make well-informed purchases. Retailers need to think twice about “deal fraud”
  • Popularity of price comparison websites and deal forums used as deal detectors are gaining momentum in 2015
  • Shopbot remains one of the few shopping platforms that fights for price transparency during the most dangerous shopping day
  • Shift in Canadians’ shopping behaviour between Black Friday and Boxing Day
  • Each Province is unique on Black Friday. While Ontarians’ show a major Black Friday interest in smartphone deals, British Columbians are obsessed with camera deals
  • Vendredi Noir’s popularity is boosting in Quebec
  • Canadian retailers need to catch up with their shoppers mobile habits
  • Online shopping is expanding each year but so is the age bracket that shops on Black Friday. More and more of online shoppers are of 55+ years old
  • A 24-hour Black Friday is a thing of the past.


About Shopbot is Canada’s largest comparison shopping site connecting Canadians to more than 6 million consumer products from electronics to fashion and beauty to more than 400 brands and retailers onto a sole online platform. Shopbot serves as a platform that connects online shoppers to retailers promoting price transparency worldwide.


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