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We ask ourselves so many questions for Black Friday 2016. Where to shop? How to get the best deal? What stores offer online deals? Who has free shipping?

This is why at Shopbot we decided to bring you the best Black Friday deals, coupons, ads and flyers in one place! The ONE-STOP shop for deals finding in 2016.

Don’t want to wait for the 25th of November 2016?


2016’s BLACK FRIDAY will be L-L-LEGENDARY! Our team of shopaholics is here to hunt down the best deals for you!

Here’s how it works:

  • We keep a constant eye out for sales and deals
  • Once we spot THE deal we post it here
  • You check out the deal that you want and order it
  • And voilà! Sit back, relax, you’re product is on its way

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2016 is the year of deals ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!

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Trying to find the best laptop at the best price possible? During this time many products are on sale..

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